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Monday, June 3, 2013

This is what the Lion (elder Nalder) and the Plate (Yo) have been up to lately...

That's an inside joke from the last Noche de Hogar that the ward did.  Spanish people play REALLY weird games...

But this week has been super good!  We were actually able to sit down and teach a few lessons, and things were just overall cool!  

We started off the week with a really good exchange.  I stayed in our area with Elder Eggleston, which was interesting because he doesn't know a word of Spanish.  He was a super good sport about it though; he thought it was hilarious to watch me and them going at it.  We ran into some neat English people in his own area though, so hopefully things turn out well with that.  

While we were walking around, we ran into a lady who was just leaving her house.  She was super friendly and offered to walk down the road with us.  As we got talking, we came to find out her daughter has been baptized somewhat recently, and is going to be married in the temple soon!  She talked about how she'd listened to the missionaries for quite some time, but she couldn't handle two "problems," one being man's divine nature.  We explained a little bit to clear up some confusion she had on the subject, and testified, which she appreciated.  The cool part though, was that for some reason I brought up the "why I came on a mission" story and told it super fast; and she thanked me for answering her second doubt!  She was worried that since her daughter was now going to be following a prophet, that she wouldn't rely on personal revelation anymore.  One down, one to go!  

Other than that, the week has been relatively normal.  We did have one more cool story; Elder Nalder and I dropped by a potential investigator's house, but it turns out she wasn't there.  Instead, we got talking to her husband, Fausto, who invited us to go sit around a table in his yard and teach him!  It was such a huge relief to finally have something like that happen again!  It happened all the time in Taft!  So, we taught him about the restoration, and while he payed attention, for most of the lesson he was cracking small, non-sensical jokes.  But when we taught the Joseph Smith story, he was super attentive and quiet.  When we taught the Book of Mormon, and invited him to read for himself, he said he would certainly do so!  When we asked him when we could come back, he said, Monday!  So we'll be dropping by again tonight.  I hope he's read and began progressing!

I'm super proud of Tom and Brittney!  Way to go peoples!  It's crazy to think you're all graduating, but I guess that's the idea with time; it goes!  I'm sad to hear about Jasper; he was a super good cat.  I'm sorry to hear Danielle had a hard time with it; but it'll turn out ok.  I love you all, and hope you have a better week this time!  

Elder Matthew David Clough