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Monday, June 24, 2013

By the way, the Broadcast was BOMB!!!

Hello all!  It's been a pretty good week all in all; we've had a bunch of awesome going on's and really cool things go down.  The work is absolutely exploding out here in Simi Valley, the entire zone has something in the order of 15-17 people set up to be baptized in the next two months!  And what's cool about that is that we're part of that!

Leticia is doing fantastic!  We dropped by on Friday to see how it's all going, but we didn't have enough time to teach a very big lesson.  Instead, we discussed how she'd liked the relief society activity (she LOVED it) and then set her with a date for the 27th of July!  WHOOO!!!  She readily accepted it, which was quite unusual and very encouraging, and she is super excited to move forward and keep progressing.  She also came to church this past Sunday, and she brought her three children; Samantha(15), Cesar(9), and Gaspar(4) AND she brought her Landlord, who is a member out in Camarillo.  The children absorbed super quickly into the youth programs set up, and Leticia looked just as happy as can be, and really connected with the message about the Sabbath day.  We're so excited for her!!!

We also taught the Sanchez family this past Friday, and they really loved the message again.  This time, we just taught the parents, and at the end of the lesson, they ALSO accepted Baptism Dates for August 17th!  This is super exciting, because they're super eager to learn and progress.  They still haven't been able to come to church, but they're planning on it soon.

Another fun event; last night at dinner, we ate with the Garcia's, and it was all pretty normal until Daisy's friend Gabe showed up.  I guess he just showed up because he felt like it, and as we got talking (even though he was a tiny bit awkward) I found out he was an Eagle scout. (Connection!)  So we had a good talk about that and he mentioned something about Jamboree, and my ears pricked up bigtime.  It turns out that he went to NBJ at the SAME TIME as we did!  We talked a bunch about the experience and he remembered the Alaskan group that lost some members.  He opened up BIGTIME after that, so much that we could teach and testify of the peace and truth of the Gospel, and he told us, "yeah, I live out in ______; and you've got a HUGE church out there.  I'm gonna stop by next week and talk to the missionaries there, this is cool to talk about."

It was an awesome week all around; Too much stuff has been going on for me to talk about it all.  Elder Carter is cool; he was in Elder Mortimer's district and they were best buds!  He's a really strong missionary with an intense desire to help others.  It's gonna be super fun working with him. (By the way, yeah, I'm still the District Leader.)  I love you all, and I hope all is well.  I'll try not to get myself killed by electricity, fire, etc, but I can't say anything about fatigue!  Love you!!!


Elder Matthew David Clough