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Monday, June 17, 2013

20 charbroiled hamburgers and some crispy Elders on the side...

Transfers are up again!!!  Things are getting crazy out here, especially since this transfer determines for SURE which mission we'll wind up in.  And it turns out that I'm...

Staying in Simi Valley!!!  Whoo!  I'm happy to be in the California Ventura Mission!  I am quite sad that I won't be hearing much about Taft anymore though... Also, Elder Nalder is going out to Lom Polk to follow-up train Elder Fernandez!  He's super weirded out, leaving his first area and training and stuff, but I know he'll be a boss!  I'm super excited for the experiances he's gonna have!

I'll be picking up Elder Carter; whom I know little to nothing about at this stage, but there's nothing new about that!   I'm excited and I'm sure we'll do great!  I'm also excited to go down to Transfer's meeting, and see where everyone wound up and how they're doing.  I'm also expecially excited to see mi Abuelita Negra; Elder Belchoir finish his mission.  He's the Man!!!  We do have a lot to do today, seeing as Elder Nalder's out of here, and that the Zone Leaders are going to be moving into our apartment with us.  Crazy business!!!

In other news, this week has been totally awesome.  So much has gone down I don't know what to talk about... But I'll list some stuff.  We taught one of the most powerful restoration lessons to the Sanchez family Friday.  It was incredibly awesome!  They absolutely loved the message.  Isabelle, who was helping us out, was teaching perfectly, and the spirit was so strong that Hermana Sanchez was getting emotional on us!  So that's five of them that are super ready and excited to move forward in the gospel.  They couldn't come to church yesterday, but they're planning on being there next week.  Sweet!  Also, Laticia came to church, and she even gave a ride to Ysabelle!  Ysabelle helped her feel super at home, and guided her around to see the primary and then to Relief Society class.  She loved Primary so much that she started filling out the papers for her kids' info right then and there!  She's super excited to bring her kids, and we're so happy she actually came and loved it!  It was awesome!  On Saturday, we had a nice Father's day BBQ in the park with the branch, although Hermana Cabral and we tried to burn the park down with the grill.  The flames were like ten feet high!  Not to mention we'd made the mistake of putting it under a tree.  It was an adventure.  

All in all, it's been a super awesome, exciting week!  The work is really starting to roll forward, and even though this Transfer has been tough, I still feel like it's flown by.  That's kinda how I gauge if I'm working hard enough.  It's not quite fair, but if we work hard, the Lord makes the time pass faster even if we don't see anyone, but if we don't it takes FOREVER.  I'm sorry to see Elder Nalder go already, he's a true friend, but I'm sure things will move right along.  I hope everything at home is good; I'm so excited for Tom and Thomas!  I know they'll both be fantastic missionaries.  Be sure to print off their e-mails home for me!  I'll write when I can.  I hope Dad had a great father's day!  I'm sorry I couldn't get a card off, but I love you, and think of you and your own mission every day of mine.  I really do reflect a lot on the stories you told me and they influence how I do this a lot.  It's a cool thing to put on a name tag that looks the same as the one you wore.

Hope all is well, 
Love you all!
Elder Matthew David Clough