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Monday, February 10, 2014

Santa Maria has been officially washed off the map.

It rained like mad!!!
This week has been a REALLY LONG ONE, which is really weird; I don't think I've ever had a long week before in my mission.  I'm totally fine with that though, great experiences are so much better if they're longer lasting!
This week we had President's Interviews, which were super great.  It was cool to get to listen to the assistants (Elder Jenkins and Elder Reese) present the training that went on during the interviews twice: it was amazing how the subtle differences between each district's presentation was so in tune with what the missionaries needed.  President's remarks to the group in particular was incredibly powerful.  The interviews themselves took a super long time, and we had to wait till the next day to have our own interviews, but that was fine; the timing when I was able to have my interview was perfect.  We talked a lot about how I've grown as a missionary, and my potential in life.  I REALLY want to live up to what President Castro saw in me!!!  I've really resolved to do better and be that kind of man someday.  I was also amazed by all of the sacrifices, and the heart and soul President puts into taking care of us.
We also drove down to Oxnard again with Elder Eggleston and Elder Payne, our two district leaders, for a completely new meeting: Mission Leader Conference!  All the Zone and District leaders got together for a Panel-discussion with the Stake President about how we can do better work with the members.  It was super insightful; and the number one thing the discussion focused on was the power of prayer.  The stake presidents shared some missionary experiences they've had recently, and all of them started out with them praying for the opportunity to share the gospel with someone, and then acting on that.  I was also impressed by the fact that every one of these incredibly busy men had an experience in less than 2 days.  Many of them own their own businesses or do other highly taxing jobs, oftentimes in settings where they can't just "proselyte" to their co-workers; and not to mention all the time and attention their calling requires!!!  It was a huge testimony to me that ANYONE can share the gospel, we just have to have the charity to do it.
Nancy and Alejandro are doing great; we taught them the Plan of Salvation, and they really loved and believe it.  They've been reading the Book of Mormon, and just are happier and happier to see us each time we come!  I super love teaching them, and really hope we can help them accept this.  
On a more secular plane; I scheduled an appointment for NEXT Monday at a CostCo Optician; one of the members in the ward suggested it and offered to take us (since it's like Sam's Club, you have to be a member)  Sorry for putting that off!
I'm also going to be sending my Memory card back soon; It's getting pretty full and has some GREAT memories on it.  
I love you all, and hope mortality is treating you well!  Keep praying for missionary opportunities and taking them, and keep doing all the little things.  Keep those expectations high!
Elder Matthew David Clough