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Monday, February 17, 2014

I almost completely forgot about valentines day!

I didn't realize it was that day until 6:00 in the evening!
This week went WAY faster than the last one.  I really couldn't tell you what the difference was, we worked just as hard last week, but this one just disappeared underneath us.  There has been some awesome success and great work done though.
One of the coolest things that happened this week was an exchange I had with Elder Santos.  He's a super awesome Elder from Colombia, who just got his Citizenship this past week.  During our exchange, we decided to put to practice something Elder Buckmiller told me he always wanted to do:  Spend the entire day running!  So, whenever we were on foot, instead of taking our time, we literally ran just about as fast as we could from the car to house to house, etc.  It was amazing how much excitement and enthusiasm came into our work!  All day long we felt like we were accomplishing so much!  We also had some great miracles; especially teaching a guy named Chris who's been pretty lazy lately.  This last lesson we had with him was awesome though, and he told us he knows he'll get baptized someday, but he's not sure when.  
We also saw some pretty great miracles.  We went to go see Victor for his appointment but it fell through. :(  So, we walked around the complex, and when we did, a girl came out and as we started talking, she turned out to be super golden!  She mentioned she was Christian, and when we asked how that's helped in her life, she talked about how most Christians call God our Father because he created us, but she believes he's ACTUALLY our Father.  It was crazy; that's the VERY FIRST THING WE TEACH PEOPLE!!!  So, we'll be seeing her in March hopefully; her house is getting fumigated until then.  
While I was on exchange with Elder Dollar, I ran into a man named Joe I'd met before; we'd been looking for his daughter, but he was friendly, although he was uninterested then.  We did talk about Family History, and I gave him a card to the Family Search website.  This time we were able to ask him if he'd gone to the website, and though he hadn't; he said " Hey, but do you have another one of those 'Book of Mormons?'  I wanna check it out for myself."  My jaw pretty much hit the pavement!  We gladly handed one over; hopefully the Elders who work in his area can start teaching him soon, it's always amazing when someone practically asks US for the Gospel!
We had a fantastic lesson with Alejandro and Nancy this week; We brought the Branch President over, and they connected super well with him!  They asked a lot of questions about the organization of the church, and they loved the answers they got.  They really want to come to church, but were out of town this weekend.  Hopefully this week works out!  They've read all the way through to Nephi Chapter four of the Book of Mormon, and they like it a lot too!  We also got to read Chapter 5 with them for the lesson, which was perfect because it's a great chapter to show how to build a strong, happy family, which is what we've been telling them the Gospel will do for them for forever now!  It's super great teaching them!
I love you all and I'm very grateful for the sacrifices you make on my behalf.  I know it's not easy to keep doing the things we have to do and be away for a long time, but it's well worth it.  I know this gospel is true, and that it helps people so much.  Keep up the good work everyone, stay healthy happy and safe!  I pray for everyone I can think of often.  Don't worry about mailing stuff, we get by perfectly.
Elder Matthew David Clough