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Monday, July 29, 2013

Transfers again!!! BIG CHANGES!!!

So this next transfer is going to be interesting.  I'm going to be sent to Oxnard 6th ward, and the exciting part is I'm gonna be training!!! YEAH!!!  It's gonna be exciting to train again; I had a blast with Elder Mortimer!  The crazy part is I'm still gonna be the district leader and since I'm training, we'll be whitewashing AND we're gonna be on bikes, so quite logically I'm going to explode.  Another cool fact; Elder Carter served in the area I'm heading to.  He's super excited for me.  He says the ward is super awesome; It's gonna be interesting to be in an actual Spanish ward now!

As far as Simi Valley goes; Elder Carter will be staying here.  And guess what!?  He's training too!!  I knew he was a boss.  He's still going crazy about it; he's super worried.  They're also going to split the spanish branch with the new Zone Leaders, and they're gonna be on bikes too!  That's gonna be nuts; I'm not sure how they're going to cover half of Simi Valley on a bike.  The new Zone leaders coming into Simi Valley are Elder Whited (Who served here before) and Elder Johnson, my follow up trainer!  YEAH ELDER JOHNSON!  I miss that guy!

So yeah, crazy things are going down.  I'm gonna have to buy a bike, so I guess that's another heads up on the card.  

I'm excited for the changes, but I'm super sad to be going right now!!!  I'll be sad to miss Leticia's baptism, but she'll do great.  Leticia's doing awesome, though she's got "la Gripa" (a cold) right now so she couldn't come to church or Troy's baptism.  Troy's baptism was awesome though; he had like a million people there.  We had to wait in the foyer.  We got to go since I did the Interview for him; he's a really rock solid kid.  It was great to go and celebrate the end of the transfer with a baptism.

I love you all, but we've got a bunch to do, so I'll get back to ya next week!  I hope everything's going good, and hopefully everyone's all right after the dog attacks.  I'm glad to hear the family were all protected, and hope our friends all heal up well. Scary stuff!!!

oh yeah, as a side note; someone tell Paul I ran into an Elder Hall who knows him from clearfield high school.  Let him know he's out here in the mission being a BOSS!!


Elder Matthew David Clough