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Monday, July 15, 2013

An Awesome Week!

Finding has been the CRAZIEST thing this week; we keep running into the most boss-like golden people I've ever seen on my mission.  Then, we've also been getting into more Bible-bashes than I ever have before.  (For clarification purposes; they're bashing, we've just been asking questions that show how their doctrines don't make any sense.)  For the first time ever, I had someone actually try to explain Trinity-doctrine to me, and it made absolutely no sense whatsoever!  I think deep down even he was realizing that it's ridiculous at best.  If the work keeps going this way here, I'm gonna be simultaneously frustrated out of my mind, and ecstatic for the overflow of miracles.  Shall I share some specific incidents?  Here we go!

So on Monday or so; we dropped by a potential investigator on Leticia's street, but before we could knock, someone comes out, walks up to us and says "Hey, do you got a Bible!?"  We connected to him pretty much instantaneously and he wanted us back.  His name's Javier from Guatemala; and he said, "yeah, come back, I've got a bunch of questions!!!"  So we did.  We brought him a Bible, and a Book of Mormon for good measure.  When we taught the Restoration, he was totally absorbed, and I'm pretty sure that when Elder Carter recounted to him the First Vision, he believed it 100% from the get-go, until I said, "Yeah, it's a hard story to believe, so that's why we have the Book of Mormon"  He's AWESOME!!!

Then, just yesterday, as we were walking on the same street, another guy comes out of a door and asks us for a Doctrine and Covenants!!!  Everybody on that street keeps asking us for books of scripture!  This guy was a little odd though.  He'd obviously had a rough life, and he had some of the WEIRDEST religious beliefs I'd ever heard, but it was a blast listening to him explain it all.  As he talked though, it amazed me how much deep Doctrine he truly understood.  He almost explained our true eternal purpose and potential EXACTLY as we believe it.  It was odd, but I think I heard more truth out of him than out of most mainstream Christians I've listened to.

Leticia came to church with her kids as usual; and everything is rolling right along.  This last week she had a friend ask her about "who told Joseph Smith to write the Book of Mormon?"  And she said basically, "God did!  Kind of, What happened is that first, God and Jesus appeared to him, and then later an Angel told him where to find it; It had been already written, he just translated it by the power of God!"  It was a perfect answer!  It's awesome too, because she said, "Before I used to talk to people about my beliefs sometimes, but I wasn't really very sure. Now it's weird, because I don't know very much, but I KNOW it, and when I talk about it to them, I'm VERY sure."  She's a total BOSS!!

As far as missionary dress code; we haven't heard anything about that, but we're having Zone conference this Wednesday, so we'll see.  Based on how this mission operates, I doubt it'll change here.  My clothes have all held up perfectly; I'll easily complete my mission in these.  (I've even only used one pair of shoes from day 1!  I'm switching off on the 15th of next month.)  The only thing I can think of in terms of "birthday" business  is a CD I've heard around; I think it's by Eclipse?  It's got a lot of awesome songs on it; one of which I think is called is "Go with me."  If that's not enough information to find it, that's cool.  I really don't need anything; life is good!  I can't believe Tom and Thomas are leaving the MTC already!  I was there for like FOREVER!!!

I love you all; I hope everything is doing good on the home-front.  Thanks for being awesome and super supportive; this would be super hard if you were all telling me I was wasting my time, doing the work of the devil, and need to come home.  I know an Elder who gets that every week.  Yikes!


Elder Matthew David Clough