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Monday, July 8, 2013

Lost an arm at the 4th of July business...

Just kidding!  As usual we had to be in on the holiday at 8 instead of 9.  We're glad to hear no-one died though.  We know a number of people that were there, but no-one that got hurt really.  Thank heavens!  Funny how the only person I know who got owned by a firework this weekend wasn't even at the incident; it was Brittney back home!

This week has been pretty good again; we have seen a lot of awesome things.  But the biggest chunk of news happened yesterday. Earlier this week we'd had dinner with Leticia, and for the dinner lesson we discussed the Law of Chastity.  It turns out that she does live with her boyfriend, Francisco, and she's been praying and wondering what she should do about it.  After a really intense and spiritual lesson, we essentially proposed for him,  and she said yes!!!!!  The problem is that July is a really busy month for their family; they've got a bunches of birthdays and other crazy nonsense going on, so she told us she'd be planning on getting married in August, and she'll have to wait to be baptized then.  I felt disappointed about that because we want to see her baptized, but we realized it's just better that she's accepting the Gospel well.  So, after I said something like "Yeah, it'd be tough if you had the anniversary at the same time as Gaspar's birthday and all."  We wound up leaving.  But yesterday we came back, and Leticia was super excited to talk to us.  First off; she told us Francisco's super happy and thankful to us; apparently he's been trying to marry her from day 1!  He loves the church too, from what Leticia told him, and he also wants to learn and be baptized in the near future.  Then, Leticia told us, "You gave me an idea!  We're gonna get married on the 22 of July, which is Gaspar's birthday!  For a Honeymoon we can take the kids out to a nice restaurant or something; it'd be perfect!!!"  We were both like .  LETICIA'S GETTING MARRIED!!!! and then BAPTIZED!!! YEE-HAW!  We're super excited; and so is the branch.  I've never initiated a wedding before as a missionary; so this'll be a fun new experiance.  

I've gotta go again; but I love you all, and I appreciate your support of the Elders out there.  Crazy that they're already doing the Facebook thing!  I wonder when that'll get out here... It's almost too weird to think about...


Elder Matthew David Clough