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Monday, April 22, 2013

Mormon Messages for the Win!!!

Finally, a relaxed P-day!  Between getting the car fixed, and doing e-mails in Bakersfield and stuff, we've not had a good Monday to really sit down and let off some steam.  It was a really good day so far; we had to get a lot done really early because of Apartment Inspections, but that just means that we have more time to chill in the afternoon!  Phew!

This week has been a really interesting one.  Honestly, not a bunch of things have happened.  We did get to teach a bunch of lessons, but unfortunately, actual progress has been slow.  We did get to do quite a bit of Less active work this past week, which is always important.  

One cool thing is that Elder Mortimer got the "Mormon Messages" DVDs over this week, and we've been using them like crazy!  The messages there are super good and powerful.  They were so good that they even got Josh (Who's been a bit of a stick in the mud lately) to think about it and tell his roommate that they were pretty good.  They've definitely been useful in inviting the spirit and providing a good atmosphere to start a lesson in.  I highly recommend them; you can find them on Youtube and  They make great, short faith boosters.  Another good one; Joseph Smith the prophet of the Restoration.  You can actually download the entire movie for free on Mormonchannel.  (Do it! It's really REALLY good!)

We did a bunch of service this week too; we OWNED a yard-full of weeds at the Hannon's house and at Mellissa's (Good thing I got good practice cutting bushes via "Zelda,") and we washed Sherry's dog Rascal, and dug a big trench at the Estill's home.  It's always nice to get working hard and break a bit of a sweat.  It helped provide a chance to think out how I can be better and more effective in the work.  

It was crazy to find out about the Boston Marathon.  We'd overheard stuff about it, and before long people eventually let us know what had happened.  It was pretty scary for a second, because Brother Bryan, who owns our apartment and runs with us too, usually runs that marathon, and when the bomb went off was just about where he'd likely have been.  Fortunately, he'd decided not to go this year, and he's absolutely fine!  Thank heavens for spiritual warnings!

All in all, it's been a good, but not outlandish week.  Sorry I don't have more to write about, but I'll try and have more adventures next week!  Maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention this time around. Either way, I'm glad to hear all is going well with the family, and tell Lauren congratulations on the upcoming wedding!  That's SUPER exciting stuff right there.  Keep up the good work and do what you can to help out others!  I love you all, and hope everything goes good next week too.  

Elder Matthew David Clough