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Monday, April 29, 2013

29 Apr 2013 Letter from Taft

This week has ALSO disappeared into the gaping jaws of the past...  I could have sworn I was writing my last e-mail just yesterday.

We're coming up on week six now, so transfers are coming up.  YIKES!  I can't believe this transfer's already on the way out.  It seems like good old Elder Mortimer just barely showed up!  I guess that's what happens when you're having fun.  

This week has been really really good.  Elder Mortimer and I have finally fallen into the right rhythm, and we've been feeling fantastic!  It's been a great week too in terms of the work.  Probably the neatest thing is we finally went back to see Jose, an investigator we haven't seen since earlier this month.  We finally did find him though, and when we started talking he said, "I'm sorry, I haven't read much."  We were both like, Cool!  It's just great that you've read!  So then we got ready to start the lesson, so I asked him to bring his book of Mormon, and when he did, I saw he'd read to page nine!  We were shocked!  Some people think they've read a ton when they've read a single page!  What's more is that the way I knew that he'd read that far, was that he'd been using a pencil to underline and circle phrases he felt were important or stuck out!  We were both like  again.  It was crazy!  It also turns out that he's taking Dr. Pease's class at the college, which is awesome because he's only the greatest member missionary on the planet. (Just out of the people I've taught, Dr. Pease played a huge role in bringing Jose, Cami, and Josh into the church!)  So we're excited for that.  He's doing a great job at understanding the Book of Mormon too; he can recite everything that's happening in the story to you.  The only problem is that he's having a harder time relating it to his personal life.  So we had an awesome lesson on how to use the Book of Mormon to answer personal questions, the example we used was his question, "What should I do?"  It was really cool!

In other news, we had a BOSS lesson with the Recent Convert Jose, where we sat down and watched the District 2 episode one.  He'd been "complaining" that we never show him the rough parts of missionary work, only the best. (which is NOT true, we're always throwing him in the worst lessons on accident, It's more like the spirit is telling him he needs to go!)  The first episode of the District 2 is perfect for that, because it shows a lot of excitement and joy, as well as some of the hardest things to face in a mission, such as tough companion relationships, a lack of obvious success, and even tragedy at home.  After we watched it, he said, "Yeah, I know I'm going to go.  I've just got some mixed feelings about it."  He's such a total boss! we're taking him to a dinner lesson tonight with an investigator who knows his family. It's gonna be good!

Other than that, the work here in Taft has been pretty much the same!  I'm kinda starting to figure out some of how this missionary business works, so hopefully we'll start having some success.  I'm super stoked about Kali's baptism.  I'm super proud of you, Kali!  As well as Grandpa, for the chance he has to baptize her!  I'm so glad everyone's doing well.  Keep up the good work.  I'm glad Dad made it home safe.  I love you all!

Elder Matthew David Clough