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Monday, September 17, 2012

Buenos Tardes! (Good Afternoon!) 17 Sep 2012

That's not quite as cool as Bula Vinaka (Fijian from his cousin Paul's mission), but it's still fun!

This week was pretty crazy.  Our old district leader got released, and the new one is Elder Doermann.  He's an awesome missionary with a really pure spirited attitude.  Funnily enough, our old district leader; happy as he was to be released, is the new zone leader! Heh heh!  And now Elder Jenkins is the senior companion, so I'm free! (I guess Matthew had been the senior companion up to this point.  He neglected to inform us about that!)  I can relax and focus on teaching and stuff.

I always think about so much stuff to write about during the week, and then I get here and poof! I've only got thirty minutes to write and it's gone!  Maybe I should start writing them down somewhere.

We've got a ton of investigators now (for the MTC, that is.)  We've got Isabel, Marcos, Jorge, and one other that's actually one of the other missionaries in the district. (Don't know who he is yet.) 

At any rate, I'm going to try and send some pictures, but the computers around here are a little sketchy.  We'll see if it works.We didn't get any pictures so I guess it didn't work out.  Too bad :(

Con Amor! (With love!)
Elder Clough