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Monday, March 18, 2013


This week's been pretty mad.

First off, we started the week by visiting the Palmer's and watching "the Testaments." Brother Palmer's been doing great in his calling and all, and the spirit was really strong during the movie. It really struck me how similar my life's been to Jacob's, and watching his relation with his dad made me feel a bit guilty. Sorry!

In other notes, Dad's lesson to me on how to change brakes on a car "kinda" came in handy, although I didn't remember much. We spent a morning helping Brother Morrow do that. I "Kinda" remembered how to do some of it.

The Harris Family has been doing great, although they haven't come to church still. Anna and Anna the younger definitely have the answer that it is true, and Nathan, Thomas and Noelia are coming along. We gave a blessing to Thomas that his back would heal up though, and we'll see what happens on that. It could be really cool to see how the blessing strengthens their testimony.

Sister Savea called us over to ask our help too; she'd been sick and her husband was out in Utah. So we also gave her a blessing, and then she told us that they're planning on moving to Salt Lake City. It's gonna be super sad to see them go; but they'll have to drop by and visit with you all! You'll love them all.

The biggest thing that happened was definitely Zone Conference. It was really, really good. The theme was "Stewardship" and what that entails, and it really helped me realize I need to step it up and do a better job with the things I'm entrusted with. The mission President taught us something that had already played a large role in my motivation as a missionary. The Lord has given us stewardship over things like our apartment, our car and phone, and the area book. If we do a good job with these smaller responsibilities, then he will entrust us with larger ones, such as investigators who are looking for the truth, and eventually, an eternal companion, and children. This pattern continues, and formulates the basic "why" of responsibility. I hope I can do a good job!

At any rate, I hope everything goes better for you all. Keep safe as you travel, and do what you must to fulfill your responsibilities. Blessings are on their way!


Elder Matthew David Clough
Oh, yes, I forgot to mention about Transfers...
They're next week! AAAAHHH!!!

I'm hoping for a third out here in Taft with Elder Buckmiller. If we can stay one more round, it'll be perfect...