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Monday, October 8, 2012

Missionary work For the Win!!!

I can't believe it's my last P-day in the MTC!!! The Japanese speaking elders that board with us, Carter Choro (Elder) and Searle Choro left just this morning. I'm e-mailing early, because we decided to help carry their bags down to the travel office, and since we've got so much time, we figured we'd do our laundry now. It was simultaneously hyper-exciting and very depressing to see them off. We've really grown to love and appreciate them, and I know they'll be powerful forces in Japan!

It's also kind of crazy to think that this time next week, Elder Jenkins and I will be getting ready to head off to California. I forgot to bring my Flight Plans down to the laundry room, but we report at the travel office at 6:00, then hop a plane to Denver Colorado, and transfer to another going to Santa Barbera. (Weird huh? We'll go east a whole state before going west.) I'll send a brief e-mail later today detailing the flight plan more, but I'm not actually sure if I can call from the Airport. I was under the impression that the Elders call if they're going out of country. I'll find out, and either way I'll let you know what's going on. Also, funnily enough, I'd bought a call card at the book store the same day I recieved the package. So now I guess I've got two of 'em. :) Thanks so much for the packages by the way, we've had great fun sharing the candy. It was a most pleasant surprise.

General Conference was phenomenal. I really don't think I've ever listened and learned so much from Conference before. I have twelve full pages of personally applicable notes! The announcement concerning mission ages totally caught the MTC on fire. I can't believe that in 3-6 months, this place will be flooded with 18 year olds! It's so awesome that the women's age got dropped to 19 as well. Maybe now I won't have to wait till I'm 29 to find an RM. ;) I would seriously encourage everyone who's able to get out here, as soon as circumstances allow. Take advantage of your youth and this oportunity! This change in the requirements was made for all of you, who are much more prepared, and much more willing. The work is going to accelerate to the breaking point now. It can't be long before everyone's heard our message.

I was absolutely land-blasted by Elder Hollands talk. I don't know how it happens, but every time that Apostle speaks, I swear it's directed straight at me. The two scriptures he quoted are HIGHLY sacred and important to me.  It really re-awakened me to a sense of the work to which I have been called, not just for two years, but for my whole life. I'm never taking up "Regular Fishing" again.

Cool spanish fact: The word for work is usually "Trabajar" but the word for missionary, temple, or other "artistic works" is "obra." It is no mistake, nor coincidence.

As far as things that could help; my electric razor stopped charging in the first week we were here, so I bought a little "Mach 3" and Gillete, and now I've got really awful looking razor burn on my neck. How do I get this to go away, when I still have to shave every day?

con grande amor!

Elder Matthew Clough