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Monday, October 29, 2012

29 October 2012

Well, here we are again on P-day. It's been an interesting week, that's for sure. Elder Vaca Guzman's back has been killing him; he's had trouble with his sciatic nerve. We had to stay in the Apt. for most of the weekend because of it. We went down to a chiropractor today to get it fixed; we'll see how well it fixes him up. Our two investigators didn't get baptized either; we went on splits with the traveling trainers, and the one I was with kinda intimidated one of them. She'd also not told her husband yet, so it's back a few steps with them. Elder V and I dropped by rather recently though, and they're still on great terms with us, and they still want to be baptized, they just got scared. We'll work with them. ;)  Our other investigator is still pretty solid; though we're pushing his baptism date to the end of the year because he's going down to Mexico to see his son married and won't be back till sometime in December.

A ton of really cool things happened over the past week. One of my personal highlights is that while tracting we met a HIGHLY drunk man. The poor man was having a total breakdown because he'd recently lost his young son, and we were able to talk to him and help him feel a bit better. Later, we dropped by his apartment and tried to visit him. His roomate just about had a fit when he saw us at the door (he's new in the US) but thankfully, Elder V's Bolivian. :) As we talked to him, we found out just how tough his life's been. He's had a ranch down in Mexico, but a man came and shot him seven times, (nasty scars all across his stomach and shoulders) and his family stole everything he had. So he comes here, and finds the SAME man, here in Taft! When he'd been drinking, he'd been seriously wanting to kill the man or kill himself, but we talked him down and calmed him. That night, we committed him to stop drinking, and as far as we're aware he's kept it. He's looking a heap better. At our last lesson we taught him the plan of salvation, but he didn't understand much. He was very tired, but the worst part is he actually doesn't speak much Spanish. So tonight, me and Elder V will be learning "Mizteco" from Hermana Garcia, so we can actually teach him. O.o; Wish us luck! (Or the gift of tounges, either or!)

So, to answer the questions: (These questions were asked by the Stake youth leaders for Standards Night.)

1. Things you wish you would have done differently to prepare spiritually for your mission?

A: The biggest thing really is that I wish I'd not waited till I was 18 to start preparing. Don't wait! I also wish I'd done more work with the missionaries themselves.

2. What is the most common questions you have been asked?

A: Are you Jehova's Witnesses? (no joke) Other than that it's hard to say; each investigator and contact is SO different that they've each got different needs and concerns. Rather, I'd suggest learning the doctrine thouroughly but simply; that way you can answer any question anyone has.

3. What do you wish you would have learned how to do from your mother so you were better at it now in the mission field?

A: Drive. I've had to drive a lot lately because my companion's been out of it, and it's been hard getting back behind the wheel after two months in the MTC.

4. What do you eat the most?

A: It's hard to say on this one. We actually eat a huge variety of stuff because we teach Americans, Guatemalans, Mexicans, Colombians, Puerto Ricans, etc. And, my companion's Bolivian. ;)