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Friday, January 17, 2014

Santa Maria, Round 2!!!

Transfers calls are in!!  It's pretty crazy as usual.  I don't think I've gone through a single normal transfer.  Then again, if that's the case I don't know what a "normal" transfer would be like.  I'm going to be staying right here were I am now; the junior zone leader with Elder Archibald.  I've heard lots of awesome things about Elder Archibald; he's quite the character I hear!  Elder Jenkins got quite a surprise; he's going to Ventura to be an Assistant to the President with Elder Reese!!  That's going to be quite a heavy assignment; but Elder Jenkins definitely has what it takes; I've learned so much from him!  I'm very grateful I had the opportunity to serve with him this last transfer!  It's crazy to think how huge of a blessing this has been; A year ago we'd have never imagined we'd be set up for such a miraculous transfer!  We got to go to an awesome Zone Leader Training, we celebrated Christmas together, we started our final year together, we saw a beautiful baptism and watched that man progress in the gospel and finally get married!  Eric and Lanessa's wedding was BEAUTIFUL!  It was such a powerful moment to watch them suddenly change from youth, our peers, and instantly grow to be adults.  The bishop performed their wedding, and Eric absolutely glowed.  The gospel DEFINITELY blesses families, because they are starting on such a great foot!  Elder Jenkins and I talked about doing a road trip together around this time of the year so that we can show each other our missions and be there for when they are sealed in the L. A. Temple!  If that happens, it'll be the coolest thing ever.

Another crazy thing is that today we also got the "Transfer News" for President Castro!  The new President has been announced: Brother Dell C. and Sister Maurine Felix from Cottonwood Heights, Utah have been called as mission president and wife to succeed President and Sister Castro on or about July 1, 2014. No further details have been released about Brother and Sister Felix at this time.  It's SUPER weird to think about them; especially since we'll be in our last transfer when they arrive.  For now, I'm excited for the chance to continue to work with and learn from President Castro.

Elder Mortimer is taking off for my old Oxnard area; he's going to have a blast!  Elder Bautista's staying here in Arroyo Grande with a new companion, Elder Passey.  They'll get bunches of work done!  Another cool thing is that Elder Nalder is serving in Oxnard still, but his new companion is Elder Carter!  He's going to train him to be a Zone Leader too!!! I can't wait to see them here soon!

We had a super cool miracle last night too; right after we got out of dinner, (which had been rescheduled to be 30 minutes earlier)  we got a call from Juan, a recently returned missionary, asking us to come to a certain hospital and give his grandfather a blessing.  The poor old man had recently suffered a heart attack, and was in the ER.  We happened to be withing a 3 minute drive of the hospital where they were.  It was a really neat blessing, and hopefully it does him well.  
A miracle in the zone happened like this; we had a goal this transfer to invite 200 people as a Zone to be baptized.  We weren't as diligent as we could have been though, and by the end of week five, we only had invited 64.  So, at the district meetings on week 6, as well as over the phone, we committed everyone to do their best.  At the end of the week, the number of invitations skyrocketed to 132; more than double the work we'd done the past five weeks!  The best part is that out of all that, new investigators were found, and some even set dates to be baptized on!  Boldness with the spirit really does work wonders!

Well, We'll be carrying on in the work out here!  I'm really starting to get excited about all the things going on, (It helps now that I understand my assignment a bit better!)  I'll keep you posted on how this next transfer goes, and for now, Viva la MISION!!!  I'm especially happy to hear about Brittney's success out at Snow; I don't have time to write anymore, but I always pray for you two.

Keep being awesome everybody!!!

Elder Matthew David Clough