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Monday, August 26, 2013

One out of three isn't bad. Granted, that's only 33%, but hey, whose counting?

This last week has been really good. We've been working really hard and learning a lot.  We finally got to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, and that was a huge help.  I was starting to get a bit overwhelmed by everything, but Elder Bernards (who is a total boss) really helped me relax a bit and re-focus.  As usual, the main idea of the week has been: Elder Clough; you need to do better.  I'm pretty sure that's the general theme of life, but there you go!

This week we started teaching a woman named Coralia, and she's ridiculously cool.  She's a hilarious old lady from El Salvador. (Salvadorenos have the all-time best sense of humor by the way.)  She is the aunt of a family that has been meeting with the English Elders, and she's listened in every time but didn't get a thing out of it!  She's even been to the english ward.  So, we finally showed up and she talked about how she's never belonged to any church because as she went around she always found something wrong with them.  When we taught the Joseph Smith story, she instantly connected with it, she said "Yeah, that's exactly what I've been doing my whole life!"  She's got cancer so it will be hard to meet with her a lot, but she's super excited to read and find her answer.  Her Grandson/son is the member that introduced everyone, and one thing that's pretty cool is that she's been forcing him to go to church when he slacks off, "because you said you'd do that when you got baptized!!!"  We love her to pieces!!!

Church was interesting.  We'd been offered a ride to church by Jose, one of our golden new investigators, but had to turn it down at the last second because we had to walk Rogelia to church. (She's in a motor-chair so she can't go alone.)  So, he couldn't find the church and wound up chilling the whole time in the park right next to it!   So close!!!  He is planning on coming next week though.  Then, we'd set up a ride for Raquel AGAIN, and this time the ride actually showed up, but Raquel's baby had hit his head so she had to take him to the hospital.   poor guy!!  So we'll be dropping by to check up on them tonight.  Oh well; next week!

Another cool event; we dropped by Saul again, and although we didn't have time to watch "Finding Faith in Christ" like we planned, we had a really good short demonstration/lesson on faith.  He is really getting it, and has been reading.  I don't know if I've seen many people with as much raw thirst for the gospel!  At the end of the lesson, I showed him a copy of "The Testaments" and explained how later on he'd want to watch this one to understand the Book of Mormon better, and he got very excited.  He asked if we could get him one, and when I said of course, he asked us how much it costs.  We assured him it'd be free, and he said, "Thank you!  I really want one of those, Please get me one!"  He's super cool.

I'm not gonna lie and say I'm not going to worry or stress a bit, but I know I can't do much about the situation from here.  It's probably a good thing this happened while I'm out here instead of over there; I'd probably be way more upset.  All in all, just stay safe and do what you have to, and all will turn out good.  I love you all, and hope you have a better week.  Especially keep Danielle safe.  


Elder Matthew David Clough