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Monday, January 28, 2013

Talofa! O fea le mea na alu ai le moa?

Translation of the above (which is Samoan) : "Hello! Where did my chicken go?"

yup! We were at the Savea's last night, and they taught us how to speak "some" Samoan. It was really fun to ask them how to say stuff, both gospel relevant stuff and... less relevant.

At any rate, we've had an absolutely crazy week! Jose, who we started meeting with Sunday, has progressed at the speed of light. We came back to his house Monday and taught the Restoration, and it went WAY good. Then we taught him the Plan of Salvation on Wednesday, and when we finished, we asked him to kneel down and ask Heavenly Father what day he should be baptized on. So, he did, and when he was finished he told us the number 26 kept popping into his head. Elder Buckmiller and I just about died when we heard it. So, we cracked down and asked what he understands about the word of wisdom. Unfortunately, he'd drank tea ONCE late last week at his girlfriend's house. So, after deliberating about it with the Zone Leaders and with President, we came to the conclusion that while he's exceedingly ready to be baptized, we must wait the three weeks since he drank it. So, we are continuing to meet with him and preparing him to be baptized on 2- 6 (A nice run around on the revelation by Elder Buckmiller.)

Another crazy thing that happened this last week, is that we'd gone over to Rosario's house to see what's been going on. We'd been fasting and praying that her husband Benito will soften his heart and accept the message, and allow his family to continue progressing together, and whatnot, and while we were talking to her we asked her several times if she needed anything. Of course, she said no 'cause she's a sweetheart, but just before we left, I started telling her (Why, I don't know) that something big is going to happen at her house, and that something important is on the way. I told her we'd been fasting and praying and that something good would help Benito out. But then she said, "I don't think so. I think I've got cancer." She says she's got a lump somewhere, and is getting it checked on the 26 of January. (That's past now, but I don't know the results, haven't seen her.) So, we ran and got Brother Morrow since he doesn't speak Spanish (she didn't want anyone to know) and gave her a blessing. I really hope the blessing is honored and that all will be well, for the last line was "Sea Sanado" or, be healed. We dropped by on Friday to check up and she seemed to be a lot more cheery and hopeful.

And... we FINALLY talked to Sister Beare's sister! She's like a unicorn; everyone knows about her, Sister Beare's been telling everyone she wants to be baptized, but NO-ONE including Sister Beare's home teacher has ever seen her! So we finally taught the unicorn. She's an old, frail, deaf Italian lady named CJ (how awesome can you get!?) who is absolutely adorable. Not to mention she's got faith like scouts have badges. She hasn't come to church yet, but every DAY she watches the BYU channel and loves it. She's been reading the Book of Mormon, and more than that, she's been analyzing it on a 'life lesson' level. For example, last time she was going on about Laman and Lemuel, and how Lehi continually was hoping and praying and helping them, but they chose to follow other paths, and what that means in our responsibilities as parents. (And Grandparents. and GREAT Grandparents. AND...) At any rate, she's going to be baptized sometime this month. So, if all goes well, we'll have Jose on the sixth, Cami and Josh on the eleventh, and CJ on the 23rd. Crazy!!!

In other news; SHERRY AND AARON came to church Sunday! and after that they went over to the Estills house for lunch with half the ward. It's so awesome to see them taking steps forward.

Hasta Luego mi querido familia y amigos! (See you later my cherished family & friends)

Elder Matthew David Clough